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Stategy Consulting -Tony as Strategy Catalyst

Tony has made a very real and lasting contribution to the organisations he has worked for in both the private and public sector. For instance he facilitated the original work on Tesco's then embryonic strategies to set up its Non Food Operations ( now over £10 billion of turnover) to its new formats :Tesco Express (now with around a thousand stores), Tesco Metro and Tesco Extra.

He played a major role in The Met police's HR strategy, and in Ford's acquisition of its four wheel drive the Discovery from BMW, and in Easyjet's strategy for baggage charging. He facilitated the Corporate Planning review of John Menzies plc which led to a successful growth strategy. He also helped Rafaiissen Banking Group-a major European Bank to upgrade its strategic planning process and to train its senior executives on this across Europe. Diageo, too, rolled out his Strategic Option Grid Process throughout the Group.

He has facilitated strategy in companies of all sizes and in entrepreneurial environments too. He also has Non Executive experience in helping an entrepreneurial Heath Club Group to set up a new chain of budget priced health clubs.

Case Study Professional Services Organisation:

This case illustrates the blending of consulting, strategic process improvement and learning that is a part of Tony's unique style

"This professional services company was a medium sized organisation facing major strategic change. Tony ran a number of strategic workshops over three years to equip its top team and the next level down to process considerable challenges and to manage over a very difficult period. His help was the catalyst was instrumental in avoiding what seemed like an inevitable and large fine from its regulator, to reduce its costs and to prepare for major restructuring and change. The management team were trained in his techniques and the process helped them to be cohesive at a time of very substantial pressures, and to adopt the techniques into everyday management processes."

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